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Moroccan Furniture
   Armoires & Cabinets
   Tables & N.Stands
   Moroccan Seating
   Dividers & Screens
   Moroccan Poufs
Moroccan Lighting
   Moroccan Lanterns
   Moroccan Sconces
   Moroccan Lamps
   Henna Lamps
   Moravian Stars
Accents and Decor
   Ceramics & Pottery
   Moroccan Mirrors
   Boxes & Chests
   Animal Accents
   Moroccan Candles
   Moroccan Hardware
   Moroccan Tiebacks
Gifts and Favors
   Gift & Accessory
   Moroccan Jewelry
   Tea Glasses
   Moroccan Clothing
Fabrics and Textiles
   Moroccan Fabric
   Moroccan Pillows
   Bedding & Bath
Tagines and Spices
   Cooking Tagines
   Serving Tagines
   Tagine Accessories
   Moroccan Foods and Spices
   Moroccan Floor Tiles
   Moroccan Wall Tiles
   Murals & Fountains
   Moroccan Doors
   Moroccan Panel & Archway Designs
:: Special Orders!

Thank you for your interest in our wholesale. In order to gain access to our wholesale prices, and Line. Please go to www.berbertrading.com. You will need to fill out the form below and submit it for approval. Initially, you will get confirmation that we have received your request. Please submit to us required information in order to approve your access.
We will only resell to new and existing stocking stores meeting our minimum order of US$300.
Please be advised if you are not at stocking store you will qualify for a trad discount but not wholesale pricing. We are strict about this policy and we do verify that you are an actual related business. Any references submitted will expedite this process!