Moroccan Poufs

About Moroccan Poufs & Moroccan Floor Cushions

We offer a wide variety of Moroccan pouffes, more commonly known as Moroccan poufs or Moroccan hassocks. We also have number of beautiful Moroccan floor cushions or Moroccan floor pillows in stock. These works of art are a sight to behold with its artistic embroidery and would go well in addition to your Moroccan pouf. 

What Are Moroccan Poufs?

Moroccan pouffes, also known as Moroccan poufs as well as Moroccan poofs; tuffets and hassocks are all terms for furniture often used as a footstool or low seat.

Soft Moroccan Leather Poufs

It is just like a stool except that it is fully covered with fabric or leather, as with the case of our fine selection of Moroccan leather poufs or Moroccan leather pouffes. The leather used is none other than the renowned Moroccan soft leather. Our Camel poofs are hand stamped displaying beautiful  traditional Moorish design. All poofs have an easy zippered bottom opening for easy stuffing.

The difference between a Moroccan pouf and Moroccan ottoman is simple. The latter is large enough to contain storage space inside it.